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We supply sustainable & eco-friendly products Worldwide. Sourcing sustainable bio-products from Vietnam and other South East Asian countries. We use local and often traditional methods to find solutions to environmental problems. Sourcing locally, with the environment, community & customers in mind. #ExperiaWorld

Product Range

Bamboo Straws

Sustainable bamboo straws available for personal, everyday use.  #REFUSETHESTRAW

Bamboo Gifts

Handcrafted bamboo gift sets that are perfect for travelling, and taking home.  #ECOTRAVEL


Environmentally friendly bio-packaging that can replace takeaway plastics.  #SAYNOTOPLASTICS

Bamboo Wholesale

Replace your plastics with biodegradable alternatives, the first step to a greener business.  #GOGREEN

Plastic Recycling

We have future plans for recycling and creating decor furniture & gifts. #PreciousPlastics

Farming & Growing

We have future plans for growing our own foods using modern methods.  #Permaculture

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Bamboo Toothbrushes

6 Bamboo Straws

12 Bamboo Straws

8 Metal Straws

Our Aims

1. Reduce Plastics

We want to help eliminate single use plastics. We want to do this in a way that is as natural as possible and in a supportive manor for all. A bamboo straw is a small but meaningful start for everyone.

FACT: 500 Million straws are used in the USA, DAILY!

2. Viable Alternatives

As we work closely with businesses and come from a retail background we know how important it is for our alternatives to not only be bio-degradable but also be viable, in all senses of the word.

FACT: Bamboo can grow at 3-5 feet per year!

3. Sustain & Support

At ExperiaWorld we believe that sustainability is a top priority, from sourcing all the way through to us delivering consistent products. We believe that Green businesses need to support from the roots in order to blossom.

FACT: Our bio-packaging is made from a 100% waste product!

4. Invest & Develop

We work with our local suppliers here in Hanoi, Vietnam! We go through continuous testing & feedback to adapt the existing products. All whilst working on new products & with other suppliers!

FACT: We always try to support those around us!

Green Businesses


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